Michael Schlesinger

Michael J. Schlesinger’s clients benefit from his over twenty-five years of experience and knowledge garnered from hundreds of prior clients and cases. Mr. Schlesinger has represented individuals from all walks of life and all types of social, cultural and financial backgrounds. He practiced in New York City for eleven years before moving to Miami in 1998.

Mr. Schlesinger is a business lawyer, applying a business perspective to clients’ needs. It is his first priority to know the context in which you do business – your market, your competitors, your industry.
Mr. Schlesinger is proud that many of his client referrals come from his former opponents and opposing counsel. He is equally proud that many of his client referrals come from his many satisfied prior clients.

Knowledge and Experience
Mr. Schlesinger brings the wisdom and knowledge obtained from over twenty-five years of interaction with hundreds of opposing counsel and from his collaborative work with many top notch attorneys in New York and Florida in settings ranging from multi-million dollar litigation to more modest legal proceedings. See Case Summaries below.

Commitment to Clients
Because of his years of in depth and varied experience, Mr. Schlesinger’s clients can fully expect and receive excellent communication, education, strategy, advocacy and outcome. Additionally, his clients know to expect candor and fairness regarding the fees and costs for the representation.


  • Martindale-Hubbell “AV” Rated by peers while in New York City (continued in Florida).
  • Winner, Most Effective Lawyers, Probate Litigation, Miami Daily Business Review, 2011.


  • As a Business and Probate Litigator and White Collar Criminal and Securities Defense Attorney:
  • Trial Counsel defending former TD banker in Scott Rothstein Ponzi related civil cases, related Bankruptcy and SEC proceedings: Razorback Funding LLC. v. Scott Rothstein, et. al., 09-062943 (07); Morse, et. al. v. Scott W. Rothstein, et. al., Case No. 10-24110 (07); RWRK Investments, LLC. et. al. v. Scott W. Rothstein, et. al. Case No. 12-15605 (07); Beverly, et. al. v. TD Bank, N.A., et. al. Case No. 12-032710 (07); Rubin Vine, et. al. v. TD Bank, et. al. Case No. 09-061792 (07); and, Levin v TD Bank, et. al. Case No 12-35089(07).
  • Co-Counsel defending Victor Posner and his companies in various cases including SEC v. Victor Posner, Granada Investments v. DWG Corporation, Rubin and Stone v. Posner.
  • Counsel for former Ocean Bank officer with regard to severance and pension issues due to pending criminal proceeding.
  • Lead Appellate Counsel for landmark conflict of interest and self-dealing decision, Brigham v. Brigham, as well as lead counsel in remanded proceedings that resulted 7.9 million dollar judgment plus a 1 million dollar punitive damage award.
  • Co-Counsel for Victor Posner and his companies in numerous family disputes brought by Steven Posner and Tracy Posner.
  • Lead defense counsel in corporate control battle for New York Company, Lady Ester Lingerie Corporation which ultimately led to the Plaintiff being paid the exact amount set forth in the Stockholder’s Agreement less a set-off of the Company’s seven years of attorney’s fees.
  • Lead counsel in multi-million probate litigation in New York City, Uran v. Uran.
  • Lead Counsel in Certified Class Actions, Obrien v. Ten Museum Park and Maceda v. Deauville both resolved as per court order.
  • Lead Counsel in employment case titled Puig v. Ugo Colombo.
  • Co- Lead Counsel in business break-up between the owners of Phillips Stein-Tessler.
  • Co-Lead Counsel in business dispute involving Electric Zoo Music Festival founders.
  • Lead Counsel in business disputes involving the owners B.E.D.(Miami) and Club B.E.D. (NY) and the eventual sale of B.E.D. Miami.
  • Lead Counsel in business/royalty dispute between Multitrax UK and Steiner Leisure International.
  • Lead Counsel in numerous commission disputes, procuring cause cases and employment disputes by sales directors, brokers, sales representatives and developers.

As a Marketing/Royalty Lawyer:

  • Co- Trial Counsel and Appellate Counsel in a model’s case against Bose Corporation in United States District Court in Boston, Massachusetts. Tried case to a jury verdict for the model for the unauthorized use of likeness.
  • Co –Counsel in a model’s case against BENQ Amercia Corp. for misuse of image.
  • Co-Counsel in dispute between Offer Vince Shlomi and his company, Square One Entertainment, Inc. v. Boardwalk Brands under a royalty agreement.