Adult children and other interested parties may hold differing opinions on numerous guardianship issues.

  • Who should be named as the guardian of an incapacitated parent?
  • What physical accommodations and comforts should the ward enjoy?
  • Are the ward’s financial assets being managed properly?
  • What medical care does the ward need and by whom should it be provided?

These and many other questions can be the source of great contention among the children and relatives of a ward. Many can be worked out by the parties themselves, but others may require litigation to resolve.

Also, Guardianship proceedings are an effective litigation tool to prevent elder abuse by a caregiver, stranger or a family member exerting influence or coercion upon an alleged incapacitated person.

Schlesinger and Associates has successfully handled many guardianship litigation cases involving incapacitated parents, adult children with disabilities, and other wards on behalf of guardians and other interested parties. We also represent individuals who are fighting guardianship.